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Package Contains: 2 A5 Red hardcover notebooks Product material: The inner page is made of 120gsm paper, so it is thicker than the inner pages of other notebooks, and the ink is not easy to penetrate, to bring you more comfortable writing and drawing experience. Product size: 5x8inches (14x21cm), the portable size makes it convenient for you to store in a schoolbag or handbag and for you to carry out. Product pages: 64 sheets / 128 pages per notebook, 128 sheets / 256 pages for two notebooks, more pages, you can record more content or create more drawings. Product Features: When you open this notebook 180 degrees, it can be placed flat, so you don't have to worry about any lumps that will affect your drawing and writing. This notebook cover is made with thicker materials, so you don’t need to worry about the inner page of the book being squeezed and deformed because the cover is too thin. A strong cover can better protect the inner page, and it can also be a hard pad for you to paint anytime, anywhere. Product Uses: You can use this notebook as a sketchbook, it can meet most of your painting needs; you can also use this notebook as a diary to record your daily life; you can also use this notebook as a diary to record class notes, meetings records etc. Blank pages make it easy for you to record related content without restriction, and make your recording more personal.

INNAXA Hardcover Notebook ,Hardbound Diary Pack-2 (Red)

SKU: RedDiary_Pack-2
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₹499.00Sale Price

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